Can "identity documents" be Notarised for use abroad?


Can "identity documents" be Notarised for use abroad? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yessss.

But seriously, Notaries are often asked to Notarise identity documents for use abroad.

I regularly Notarise identity documents like birth certificates, passports and Australian Citizenship certificates for clients.

These important “primary” identification documents are used for a broad range of reasons. Examples are:

  • Opening bank accounts

  • Taking up foreign company director positions

  • Ownership of land

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Proving life

The formalities in preparing the Notarised document is different, particularly considering the country where the document will be used, but I always Notarise a copy of the document, not the original.

After all, why would you Notarise an original passport when the client would need it for other reasons, including travel?

The main reason for Notarising a copy of the identity document is once it is submitted abroad, the client is likely to never receive it back. Indeed it is often very difficult and sometimes expensive to get new documents produced. So, copies of these important documents are always Notarised.

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Justin Betar