The Top 3 Property Buyer Mistakes

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I love helping people transition through their lives, from their first home purchase, to their first investment property, to trading commercial suites, office blocks and industrial estates and all the leasing in between.

Also preparing client's estate planning, from their first Will to their last. For me, this is what being a lawyer is all about; its a transition through life, a shared journey and one that I enjoy.

So, I don't understand why people make simple mistakes buying property.

My top 3 buyer mistakes are:

  1. Not consulting a lawyer to review the contract

  2. Doing zero property due diligence

  3. Having no understanding of the local market

Not consulting a lawyer to review a contract and act for you during the transaction is akin to doing open heart surgery on yourself.

Why shop around looking for a "bargain" provider when you are making what is the most significant purchase of your life ~ for some it's your first home, for others it's expanding your portfolio.

I am absolutely astounded when clients come to me after their first "el cheap-o" experience and complain how their conveyancer / lawyer never returned their calls / their emails / letters .... what do you expect for $1000!

You know the old saying, "pay peanuts and you get monkeys", well that is never truer regarding what is probably the most significant transaction you will ever make. You are far better off getting me to review your contract and so we can iron out problems and stop the transaction becoming a train wreck.

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