Commercial & Retail Leasing

Tailored contracts for landlords and tenants.

Commercial or retail leasing as a landlord or tenant is heavily regulated and complex.

At Betar Lawyers we focus on tailoring the right lease to you, because your business, your property and your circumstances are unique.

We make sure you understand your individual rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant according to regulations, so you can enter into or renew your lease, knowing your property and your business is secure.

Why Betar Lawyers?

Betar Lawyers has over 40 years of expertise in commercial and retail leasing, acting on behalf of both landlords and tenants.

Justin Betar and Richard Trayer have successfully negotiated and handled significant leases for shopping centres, retail chains, office buildings, industrial estates and districts.

We specialise in creating master leases, working closely with landlords to adapt lease terms for different sites for an individualised yet consistent approach.

You correctly resolved what seemed a heavy task for others. I very highly recommend your services.
— Lillian, business owner, Sydney

 Commercial and retail leasing services

 Betar Lawyers commercial and retail leasing expertise includes:

  •  Drafting and tailoring leases, including head leases and subleases

  • Preparing site specific leases for shopping centres, commercial offices and industrial sites

  • Varying leases/lease renewal options

  • Preparing incentive deeds

  • Termination of leases

  • Arranging for appropriate Bank Guarantees


Expert resolution of commercial and retail leasing disputes

If you are involved in a lease dispute as a landlord or tenant, Betar Lawyers has the experience to help.

Highly-skilled at negotiation and mediation, around 95% of lease disputes that we manage are resolved without court or tribunal involvement.

We can support you with disputes such as:  

  • Breach of lease

  • Notices of Default

  • Unlawful Use of Premises

Betar Lawyers: The commercial and retail leasing experts

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All our work is backed by our Value Guarantee, our promise of exceptional service.