Appointing a Guardian to safeguard your future healthcare needs.

A Guardianship involves empowering someone to make decisions about your healthcare and personal care needs on your behalf.

It gives you peace of mind that your healthcare needs will be taken care of, if you cannot take care of yourself.

Your Guardian can decide things like:

  • The place (such as a specific nursing home, or your own home) where you are to live

  • The health care that you are to receive

  • The other kinds of personal services that you are to receive, such as who will cut your hair

  • The medical or dental treatment to be carried out on you

Your Guardian cannot manage your finances, make a Will for you and they cannot override your objections to any medical treatment.


Why Betar Lawyers?

We have considerable experience in Guardianship matters and understand the personal and sensitive nature of appointing a Guardian.

That’s why we take the time to listen to you, so we can understand your circumstances and create the right Guardianship document for your needs.

We will act in your best interests at all times, including when you decide who to appoint as your Guardian. The person you choose must be someone that you absolutely trust with your care. If we consider the Guardian is inappropriate, we will advise you accordingly. 


Guardianship vs. Living Will

A Guardianship is different to an Advance Healthcare Directive or a ‘Living Will’. An Advance Healthcare Directive dictates your wishes to medical professionals, and it only takes effect when you are unable to make your own healthcare decisions and have been declared as incapacitated.

An Advance Healthcare Directive will override any existing Guardianship document.

You can opt to have both a Guardianship and a Living Will.


Guardianship fees

We will give you a detailed fee estimate upfront, with full disclosure of all the associated costs and expenses, so you know what you are paying in advance. All our work is backed by our Value Guarantee, our promise of exceptional service.


Arrange Guardianship with Betar Lawyers

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