The Notarisation Process

How Notarisation works with Betar Lawyers.

Betar Lawyers’ comprehensive range of Notary Public services give you peace of mind that your documentation is in safe, professional and expert hands.

As one of Sydney’s leading Public Notaries, Justin Betar personally handles all notary work and specialises in complex and urgent notary cases.

At your one-to-one appointment Justin will:

  • Discuss your requirements 

  • Which country your document is going to if applicable 

  • Help you understand how best to notarise it and the authentication and legalisation that may be required

  • Explain the costs for your document notarisation, including any fees payable to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Notarise your document immediately if possible. This involves preparing a special certificate called a Notary Public Certificate (or Notary Certificate) which is bound to your document or printed on the reverse side of the page; each page is individually signed and sealed by Justin.

Overseas documents process

Ensuring a document is legal for overseas use involves either a one, two or three-step process, depending on the country:

  • The one-step process involves notarising your document at our office. It can now be sent overseas. 

  • The two-step process applies to Hague Apostille Convention countries. Your document is first Notarised by Justin Betar and then authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who affix the Apostille stamp or certification. Your document is now ready to go overseas.

  • The three-step process applies to non-Hague Apostille Convention countries. Your document is first notarised by Justin Betar. It is then legalised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and finally must be sent to the relevant Consulate or Embassy for them to also legalise, before it is ready for use overseas.

What to bring to a Notary appointment

You must bring with you a formal identity document, such as a current Passport or Driver's Licence, displaying a recent photograph of yourself, to enable us to identify you.

To notarise your document, we must be satisfied that you:

  • Fully understand the document to be witnessed or authenticated, particularly a document written in a foreign language 

  • Understand the document’s effect when sent abroad. We can insist that a document be translated into English, if it is not properly understood. Or require the presence of a qualified interpreter, if there is a language or communication issue

Please note that If you require legal advice on the document that you are presenting for notarisation, this is a separate function and should be undertaken beforehand.

Fast and effective Notary Public services in Sydney with Betar Lawyers

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