What is a Notary?

Why you may need a Notary.

Justin Betar of Betar Lawyers is one of Sydney’s leading public notaries.

President of the Society of Notaries in NSW, he is the trusted Notary of choice for banks, accounting firms, law firms, listed companies and large corporations.

His clients include Westpac, BT Financial, HSBC, ANZ Financial Advisory Services, Intercontinental Hotels and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Appointed by Statute or Commission, Justin has the authority to witness signatures, administer oaths and prepare and certify documents under his own official seal.


Notary services are required when documents involve an international element or need to be recognised overseas.

Document notarisation ensures documents are valid inside and outside of Australia, in the countries where they will be used.

A Notary is also needed for:

  • Documents that need witnessing upon signing such as a Deed

  • Verifying copies of original documents

  • Authentication of documents as genuine

  • Notarial Certificates

  • Statutory declarations, affidavits and administration of oaths

Thanks to you and your team for the effort you put into Notarising my Power of Attorney in a very short time frame.
You understood the urgency of the issue and ensured the completed documents were attested and sent to me overseas in a very efficient manner.
— Chris, Dubai

Notary Public Fees

In NSW Notarial fees are determined by a recommended fee schedule. Some charges are on a time basis and therefore the cost will depend on the time spent performing the notarial service.

We will give you a detailed fee estimate upfront for the Notary services you require, with full disclosure of all the associated costs and expenses, so you know what you are paying in advance.

All our work is backed by our Value Guarantee, our promise of exceptional service.


Fast and effective Notary Public services in Sydney with Betar Lawyers

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