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A Will is one of the most important documents that you create. It legally outlines how you want your assets to be distributed after your death. A Will also allows you to choose an Executor, who will be responsible for making sure your wishes are met.

A Will is important because if you do not have one or it is invalid, the government imposes its own method of distribution of your assets, which may be different to what you had in mind for family and loved ones.

If you have a Will, it is also important to review it and keep it updated, so it always reflects your current situation and intentions.

Why Betar Lawyers?

Betar Lawyers has the expertise to ensure your Will is legally valid and accurately reflects your wishes.

The right legal advice is vital when planning your Will as it is not a simple document to prepare, despite what ‘DIY Will kits’ may promise.

Under the Succession Law, a valid Will must be:

  • In writing

  • Signed by you

  • Witnessed by two people at exactly the same time you sign it. Beneficiaries cannot be witnesses otherwise any gift to them is invalid.  

We take a considered approach to preparing your Will, ensuring your present circumstances are looked at and that your Will is flexible enough to take care of future foreseeable changes.

When you should make or update a Will

 It is advisable to make a Will now if you do not have one, so your family’s financial future is protected.

Significant factors in your life that would require an update of your Will include:

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • De facto relationship

  • Birth of a child

  • Death of a beneficiary

  • Acquiring property

  • Disposing of gifted property in your Will

  • Death of an executor

  • Change in financial circumstances of your beneficiaries


Wills fees

Our fees for Wills are cost-effective and competitive, so you can access the legal advice that you need. We will give you a detailed fee estimate upfront, with full disclosure of all the associated costs and expenses, so you know what you are paying in advance.

All our work is backed by our Value Guarantee, our promise of exceptional service.


Create or update your Will with Betar Lawyers

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 You can also download our useful free guides: Wills: Top 7 Mistakes, and 8 Good Reasons to Update Your Will about the importance of getting your Will right.